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Heather NJ

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I hope you do not mind this question because you all are dealing with so much more. I recently had a CT coronary artery calcium score done. (for no reason but precaution) The score was a zero which is great HOWEVER during the test they found                                                                     

3 mm subplueral nodule in left mid lung. another is a 4mm in the right middle lobe... (not even sure what this means, do the locations mean anything? the fact that there is 2??)

So I went to my general Dr. (actually doctor assistant) she is sending me for another CT scan...I'm guessing they will say to redo scan in 6 months..My question is should I be seeing another type of doctor? I am freaking out a bit (I know they are small) but my father died THIS WEEK of lung cancer. (he was a smoker in the past) I have Never smoked but was exposed as a child...I have had a cough but have been thinking its allergies...what type of cough is associated with lung cancer?  ANy tips or advice appreciated and prayers for you all...


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Hi, Heather!

I'm no expert because I'm fairly new to this myself, but I have several nodules they were following as a result of cancer screening I was participating in.  This last time one of the nodules had grown SLIGHTLY and so I am scheduled for surgery--the PET scan is suspicious as well, but it's small and nothing else lit up on the PET so I'm hopeful if it is cancer, we will knock that sucker out.

What I did learn is that there can be many, many causes of nodules, most of which are harmless (scar tissue from an infection, for instance).  If this is your first CT scan, there's a good likelihood they are just sitting there doing no harm.  If it DOES get bigger, or if there were NO nodules on a previous scan, there's a bit more reason to be concerned but nothing to panic over as long as they keep an eye on them.

I have zero symptoms and all four of the nodules (the troublesome one and the other three) I have are larger than yours.  I doubt that nodules that small would cause a cough, unless they were in some weird location.  Certainly follow up with your doctor, but from what I read, these are very common and most often not cancer.

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Hi Heather,  Welcome here.  I'm sorry for the loss of your father  I can understand why your freaking out, with his death and this CT finding.

My cancer was discovered very early, in a scan done for another condition. They redid my scan in 3 months to see if it had grown, and it had, very slightly. My understanding is that lung cancer typically has NO symptoms until it is advanced. If you do have cancer it would be very early stage, when it is easiest to treat. So your cough is likely to be from something else, like the allergies you suspect.

If I were you, I would ask for a referral to a pulmonologist, who might be in a better position than a primary care doctor to evaluate your CT results. 

Best of luck. Hang in there!


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So sorry you are dealing with all this mayhem in addition to the grief from your passed father.

The test data shows, from my understanding, a nodule in each lung.  Nothing is significant about their locations in different lungs but the fact that the nodules are in both lungs might (I say again might) be significant if the nodules turn out to be metastatic disease.  If it were in your situation, I'd seek a consultation with a medical oncologist.  Take your primary's radiology report to the oncology consult and let the oncologist dictate next steps.

Stay connected with us because this is a good place to ask questions.  Hopefully, your nodules turn out to be nothing of concern.  Here is some data on lung nodules and why they form for your information.  You'll note there are many reasons to explain them short of cancer.

Stay the course.


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Thank you everyone..Because of the holiday I cant get CT until Wednesday. I will keep you all in my thoughts and keep you updated. When I get results I am going to start looking for a specialist. Hopes for good for everyone!


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Great--good luck, and do keep us posted.  Try not to worry.  I was in the screening because I WAS a longtime smoker.  Anyone can get lung cancer--not just smokers--but  if your nodules are just the "thingamajigs" most of these are, you might have been blissfully unaware of them for the rest of your life.  But knowing they ARE there, it's possible to keep an eye on them and if it does turn out to be a baddie, you will be on top of it before it has a chance to make itself at home.  

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