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Countdown to Monday morning surgery

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Talked to the hospital last night--I am in the very first surgical slot Monday.  I'm at the hospital by 6 am, surgery scheduled for 7:30, and apparently the OR is reserved only till 10, so I was kidding my colleagues I might be JUST a tad late for our weekly online staff meeting at 11--probably just a bit more entertaining than usual.  A couple of months ago one of my colleagues was sitting in on an online interview, for someone we were thinking of hiring, while she was still on pain meds for back surgery.  She forgot to mute herself, and started babbling all kinds of stuff about the interview process to someone who'd come into her room.  We had to disconnect her and re-start the web meeting without her.  Actually, the guy being interviewed got props (and the job!) for picking right back up when we reconvened. 

Just taking care of a few personal details this weekend, finishing up a couple things needed for work--staying busy to keep myself distracted.  I HATE waiting for stuff to happen.  Trying to keep an open, flexible mind that is hopeful it will turn out to be stage 1a at the most, but prepared to deal with other possibilities.  I'm trying not to get too carried away with the what-ifs--I've taken care of what I can, and the rest is out of my hands, at least until I know exactly what we are dealing with.  I've noticed I feel WAY less patient the past week or so with stuff (and people) that I find annoying.  I normally have a pretty long fuse but it's been shortened a bit, especially the past few days.

Would appreciate any good thoughts/vibes anyone up that early can send in the general direction of the Philadelphia metro area!

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All over, feeling great. Doc says I can go home whenever I'm up to it. Since I live alone, thinking maybe first thing tomorrow.  Worst part so far has been sore scratchy throat from breathing tube. 

Nodule was cancerous but won't know type or stage till pathology results back next week. 

Thanks all for good wishes!

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