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Small cell


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Hi everybody! I liked to know is there anyone here with small cell lung cancer. My husband has in his upper right and near air flow ( trachea) we see oncologist this coming week and he can't get in for pet scan for a month. VA for ya. I'm afraid it will spread by then since small cell is fast and aggressive. If anyone has small cell I would like some input.thank you 

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Hi Michele and welcome. There is a heading in this forum especially about small cell lung cancer. You'll see it in the forum list as "SCLC". There you'll find others with small cell. You'll  also find people on this forum who are dealing with the VA and who will probably be able to give you suggestions about that. Tom G especially has had  a lot of experience with the VA and has given people some helpful ideas.  

Good luck to you and your husband.



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Welcome Michele,

I am a retired Army officer and have used VA facilities for many years.  The most difficult part of obtaining VA care is getting through the appointment bureaucracy.  I note you live close to the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville.  My dad used that facility.  So here is what I suggest you do to accelerate the wait time.

Contact the patient advocate  at Malcom Randall (call 352-376-1611 and ask for the patient advocates phone number).  Patient Advocates are VA hospital employees who assist you in navigating the "seeking appointment" process.  Tell the patient advocate about your husband's diagnosis and also tell them you are available to be at the hospital with one day's notice in the event someone cancels.  Unfortunately, many VA appointments are cancelled and your proximity to Malcom Randall can be an advantage.  Also ask the patient advocate for a direct phone number to the radiation clinic and call every morning, first thing to see if there are any cancelled appointments.

Many members of congress have established professional staff positions to assist constituents with VA problems at their local office.  Your congressman is Daniel Webster in the 11th congressional district. He has a local office in The Villages, staffed on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays by appointment.  The phone number is (352) 383-3552.  Call this number tomorrow and see if you can speak to a professional staff member about advocating for an earlier appointment.

Let me know if this helps to accelerate the PET scan appointment.

Stay the course.


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