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Stage 4 adenocarcinoma

Renee millwood

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Hi, and welcome!  I'm pretty new here, myself--surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning, so until then I'm not even sure what type of cancer/stage I have--so I don't have a whole lot of info to share, but there are some very experienced, smart, and friendly folks who will be along in a bit.  Feel free to post any details you want about your diagnosis, treatment, how you're feeling, etc.


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Hi, Renee.  I'm glad you found this forum.  There is a lot of good information on the Lungevity site, but there are also a lot of experienced survivors on this site.  By experienced, I mean 10+ years past late stage diagnosis and treatment.  I also have/had stage IV NSCLC adenocarcinoma.  I say "have" and "had" because my initial diagnosis was in 2016 but am currently in treatment for a recurrence.  

Is there anything we can help you with? Information, tips, etc.? Please let us know.  We've been where you are.

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Welcome Renee.

So, I am of that certain age where one of my favorite songs is "Walk Away Renee."  It is one of those haunting melodies of my youth released in the summer of 1966 and blaring from every Ocean City, New Jersey arcade juke box on the boardwalk.  Despite the popularity of the song, I've met few Renees' in my my life.

I rather our meeting not be caused by your stage IV adenocarcinoma diagnosis but suggest that we've met at the right time and the right place.  Look around, read profiles of our members and staff, and read through the NSCLC group on the forum.  You'll note many of us are long time survivors.  There is nothing good about a lung cancer diagnosis but your type -- adenocarcinoma -- happens to respond very remarkably with new forms of targeted therapy.  Here is some information on targeted therapy. 

Your key take away from reading our profiles is if we can live, so can you.  Let us know more about your diagnosis and tell us, in particular, if your tumor biopsy has been tested for biomarkers.  Informing us about your treatment plan will allow members who have similar plans to wade in and tell you what to expect during treatment.

Stay the course.


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