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In remission for 9 years


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Hey folks,  I was here for several years starting in 2008 when I was DXed with lung cancer.  Right upper lobectomy and wedge out of right lower lobe plus 4 rounds of alimta/sysplaten worked fine.  This spring (2017) I developed pneumonia and was hospitalized.  Later I started having seizures and numbness on my right side.  Docs checked for stroke with MRI/CT and found a brain tumor that seems for be operable plus lots of swelling.  They say it is a lung cancer met.  Surgery set for 7/31 unless unexpected turns up.  You all know how that can go.  I went of O2 full time and it really helps keep me going.

Prostate cancer in 2006 and surgery fixed it.  PSAs all zero since then.

Heart attack in 2013 and stents fixed that.

83 years old and have lots of family and friends that have been with me through all of it.  Attitude is half the battle.

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Well Biker, welcome back. 

Not much has changed but new developments in targeted therapy for certain forms of adenocarcinoma since you last visited. 

After your tumor is removed, ensure the docs check for biomarkers that indicate suitability for targeted therapy. It is pretty standard now but I'd still ask the question. 

My neighbor had two brain tumors removed. He was up walking the day after surgery with almost no pain. Hope that outcome applies to you. 

Stay the course. 


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Hi, biker90,

How did your surgery go? I'm happy to hear that you have a strong support system. Please post an update when you can.

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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I had brain surgery that removed the lung cancer met intact.  Then gamma knife around the margin to get any little buggers that might be in hiding.  MRI was clean so I am on wait and watch with scans every three months.  Outlook is pretty good because there was only one tumor.  Hoping that it stays that way.  Thanks for being here.

                                                                           *** Patience is essential, attitude is everything.***


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Good news folks.  After being in remission for nine years I went to stage IV this summer with a met in my brain.  Surgery followed by gamma knife on the tumor bed took care of it.  I just finished my second three month CT/PET and MRI and they are all clean.  NED!  Such a beautiful acronym!  So I'm good to go until March.  

This is the third time that cancer has struck as I had prostate cancer in 2006.  Patience and attitude are requirements in our fight.

Thank you for being there.

Edited by biker90
I posted the wrong scan date.
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Back in remission again after one brain met that was removed with open surgery in 2017 but came back in Oct 2018.  I just had gamma knife and it should be gone now.  I was having MRIs every 6 months when it showed up and will go back on 3 month testing again.  I'm hoping this is the end of it.


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