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Some pathology info available...


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Apparently the reason the pathology report still is not available is that the pathologists are trying to "reconstruct" the wedge resection the surgeon took immediately prior to the lobectomy.  Surgeon says he understands why they need to do it, but that HE knows what he did and it doesn't affect the outcome of the surgery.  So although the complete pathology report is not yet complete, I do know now that it was adenocarcinoma, that it was "deep," that it had grown significantly since the PET scan, and that the lymph nodes were all clear.  And, of course, based on the PET scan, no evidence of any metastasis.

I have an appointment on 8/1 and in the meantime the surgeon will be meeting with their "tumor board" and also bringing in an oncologist to recommend surveillance protocol going forward.  He says chemo at this point could MAYBE add 2% to overall survival odds, so he didn't recommend any.  He thinks my chances are excellent, and my lung function is great.  So it looks like, barring something unforeseen, this really WILL be "one and done"!

I feel truly like I just dodged a bullet.  I had ZERO symptoms and if it weren't for the screening program, god only knows how bad this would have gotten before it was discovered.  

I'm feeling pretty darned good today.  My cousin had come out here on Wed. to help me out and take me to my appointment, but I felt so good after Friday's appointment (chest tube removed, crepitus virtually gone) that we ran around and did errands--including a mani-pedi for each of us!  I have a bit of achiness (like I pulled an upper back muscle), and up until this morning (so far) a slightly annoying cough.  

It's weird, though, I'm still sort of sorting through various emotions--I'm so grateful not to have to battle this with all kinds of therapy but at the same time there's almost an element of survivor's guilt--there are so many brave souls on this forum and everywhere who have to go through what I was spared.  I know how fortunate I am, and I'm so grateful for the inspiration and support everyone here has provided.  It all helped going in to know that others have gone through it and come out on the other side.  And, of course, none of us knows what the future holds.  So I will be happy for however long my good health lasts and do my best to keep it going!


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I'm do happy for your good news. And no need to feel guilty. I'm sure no one on here wants to hear of bad results. Good results encourage us all. Be happy and enjoy! I've really enjoyed following your posts.
Judy M

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I've read that post surgical chemo is given after curative surgery to reduce the recurrence possibility.  I suppose recurrence is connected to survival but I'd consider asking a medical oncologist about post surgical chemo purpose and efficacy.  I had four recurrences after NED treatments, and a National Cancer Institute Study on lung cancer recurrence surprised me.  It is linked in this blog.

I really want you to keep dodging that bullet.

Stay the course.


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Thanks, Tom,

I'll definitely be asking those questions.  I have access to a subscription to "UpToDate" which provides reports and compilations of research for the medical profession, and one recent report I read said that adjuvant chemo for stage 1a was actually found to result in a decreased survival rate.  And as I read the report, it sounds like the evidence regarding 1b is equivocal.  

I should be able to learn a lot more at my appointment on 8/1 next week, and hopefully I can have a meeting with the oncologist to discuss these issues.  I'm hoping to find out then whether there is more detail available regarding genetic markers, etc.  

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Got a call this afternoon to schedule my appointment with the oncologist (geeze, you know you're getting old when all the docs start looking like Doogie Howser!).  Meeting with the oncologist on Friday, 8/4, the day after my birthday.  My office gives us our birthdays as a holiday, but I am planning to go to a concert at the Stone Pony later that afternoon, so I'm taking 8/4 off instead of my actual birthday.  Also meeting a couple friends for lunch before my appointment, AND supposed to meet with the engineers planning to fix a serious foundation problem with my house--looks like it will be an eventful day!

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