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Hello All, I am only few months into this lung cancer experience, so any info would be appreciative.  My NSCLC was discovered, actually by chance, only about 3 months ago.  After some initial investigation, it was discovered to be metastasis and had move to some lymph nodes.  I was initially treated every 3 weeks with and IV solution Keytruda.  After several weeks the cancer was still moving so I was switched to pill form treatment with Crizotinib (Xalcori).  The Criz REALLY elevated my liver enzymes so it was stopped and I was then started on a newer pill form, Alecensa (Alectinib). 

Now after day 9 of Alectinib I noticed serveral spots on my skin mainly on my torso, very similar to freckles.  Be the end of the day and by day 11 a full blown raised rash had developed and was covering my entire body, EVEN the palms of my hand, and ITCH...!!!!! OMG I am going crazy.

Has anyone had any similar experiences or words of wisdom to share????

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Welcome here.  My cancer was treated in the dark ages well before the discovery of targeted therapy.  You are on an ALK inhibitor treatment and I have no experience taking Crizotinib or Alecensa.  But LUNGevity sponsors a ALK Facebook Group.  It is a closed group for only those receiving ALK inhibitor treatment.  Here is the Facebook site.  Join that group and ask your side effect question there.  Bet they have some words of wisdom.

In the meantime, you can look around here and alternatively pose additional questions.

Stay the course.


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