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Tom ; were you in Vietnam? The reason why I'm asking is because lung cancer is on the list of agent orangewe filed a claim with veterans adminstration on my husband. He has diabetes from agent orange. I know they are going to say his is from smoking even though it is on the list. I was just wondering if u were in Vietnam thank you..

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No I was not. But, as I understand it, if agent orange caused one medical problem, it likely caused another. 

I think the State of Florida has county employees at the county courthouse to help one negotiate and file VA disability claims. Make your inquiry through their office. In Texas, we have county employees who even file claims for veteran disability. 

If Florida does not have assistance at the county level, private message me with your husband's detailed information and I see if I can help point you in the right direction. He is being treated at a VA hospital as I recall, correct?  That ought to accelerate the disability claim.  One veteran on the side diagnosed with Sage IV lung cancer was automatically granted 100% disability. I'm trying to remember who that is.  He is being treated in a Florida VA hospital also. 

Stay the course. 


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Michele, My brother died from cancer caused by Agent Orange. PLEASE fight this all the way. DO NOT GIVE UP! They do not like to admit that it is actually killing people.

Hugs & Prayers,


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I am jeff noyes , nam vet and agent orange poisoned. All you need is boots on the ground to qualify . I have lung cancer kinda bad. 

Find who is your congressman and call-explain your situation. Include you need the funds for something important (moveing was mine) it then took 30 days for me. mine was Billarackus.

Florida has county and state american legion offices , look in google your area. They are great.

https://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/conditions/        They did ask me several times WHEN I quit smokeing 10 years ago for me. If he does stop NOW!

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Thank you Jeffrey yes we have put in a claim thru american legion for lung cancer. We went to the american legion. My husband is already 100% but not 10 years in there records which they paid back pay since 2002 so I don't know how they can say not ten years. In order to collect dic  god forbid if something happens it has to be 10 year 100% or from military related. And lung cancer is in the list.he is on the registry for agent orange already. Understand? If no dic  I won't be able to pay bills etc. But he deserve it wounded 3 times fought for us so we can be free.thank you for listening. I pray I don't even have to go that route

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