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An elderly couple were having dinner in a resturant. The husband says to his wife "Remember the first time we made love. It was in back of this resturant up against the fence. Want to do it again?" She answered yes and they started out of the door.

The man at the next table was listening and desided to follow the, He thought that should be quite a show. As the went out the door he was at a discreet distance behind.

The passed through the parking lot and found the fence. She threw down her walker and he dropped his cane and they started to make love. The longer they went the more amazed the man watching was. He wondered if his parents were still so active. Finally after about a half hour they fell to the ground. They pulled their clothes back into place and she took her walker and he his cane an started back toward the resturant.

The man just couldn't stand it he had to ask so he approached them. "Pardon me. I didn't mean to spy on you but that was the most fantasitic sex I have ever seen. Can you tell me your secret?" The old man said "sure I can tell you. That fence wasn't electric fifty years ago."

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