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What's next?? Pls help


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Hi.. My mom was diagnosed with NSCLC about a month ago.  Its stage 4 doctor said. She's too weak for chemotherapy and other therapies. It has already spread to the bones and brain. We got her home 2 weeks ago.. And now she is in so much of pain.. Although she can live without oxygen for an hour or so.. Now she has terrible headaches and Vertigos.. Its heartbreaking to see her dying each day.. Shes so very restless and having slight hallucinations too. Any suggestions?? Pls pls help. 

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I'm so very sorry to learn of your mother's affliction.  I helplessly watched my mother struggle with life threatening disease as she became elderly.  While not cancer, it was disabling and debilitating, and I was heartbroken watching her die. My memory recalled a young vibrant woman but reality was a woman who had life ending cardiopulmonary disease and who was fighting to take a next breath.  I have no suggestions for how one stops the death of a loved one.

I'm sure you are trying your best to ensure your mother is comfortable.  Is she in Hospice care?  My mother was enrolled in Hospice and she was vastly more comfortable before she passed.  

I wish there was something I could do, some help I could offer.

Stay the course.


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Hi Megha,

Welcome here. I'm so sorry about your mom''s situation.  If she isn't already in hospice, I suggest you check it out. Hospice should be able to help her be more comfortable. My mom, like Tom G's, was in hospice at the end and it was a godsend. 


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Thank you so much for the reply. I myself is taking care of her. It's very difficult to watch her when she's in pain.. But she goes to the restroom by herself with my support. But immediately she needs oxygen after..

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Hospice doesn't mean you can't continue to care for her. I have a good friend who's a hospice nurse, and she makes regular visits to her patients in their home, managing medications etc.  I'd suggest giving one or two places a call and find out about what they can provide that will help you both and keep your mom comfortable. 


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