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Patient Advocate Foundation's Genomic Testing Support CareLine


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For many cancer patients genomic testing provides a unique opportunity to identify the most promising drug therapy options based on genetic indicators identified through the test results. Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) is pleased to offer theGenomic Testing Support CareLine which is designed to provide assistance to patients who have completed a genomic test on clinical samples collected during their cancer or other genomics-guided diagnosis, or who are encountering barriers accessing and finalizing that process. Patients who are having trouble accessing treatment that has been identified by the testing are also able to receive assistance to reduce some of the financial or insurance barriers that may exist.

The CareLine is staffed by expert case managers who offer high touch, personalized assistance to patients, caregivers and providers who are utilizing genomic tests to aid in treatment decisions, helping with both the denial of drugs with indicators based on test results and the denial of any genomic test regardless of cancer type. This represents a comprehensive approach to patient support and allows PAF to actively engage in the delivery of appeals assistance from the initial genomic testing phase through the actual delivery of prescribed care.

Those in need of assistance can reach the Genomic Testing Support CareLine toll free at (866) 460-1928 or through the web based portal at genomicsupport.pafcareline.org. From diagnosis to survivorship, this free service is here for patients and their families as they navigate treatment and healthcare based on genomic testing.

Genomic Testing Support CareLine Details:

  • Two ways to initiate a request for support: phone and online secure portal 
  • No financial requirements to qualify for assistance and all services are free of charge for patients and their families
  • Assistance for patients who have already undergone genomic testing/profiling and now wish to proceed with accessing an off label drug
  • Assistance with insurance challenges relative to accessing the prescribed genomic test 
  • Assistance with clinical trials research and access
  • Assistance with prior authorization or predetermination requests

“Each cancer journey is unique and PAF is grateful to have an opportunity to offer this exciting new program that adds a unique layer of personalized support to complement the care that patients are receiving from their doctors and treatment teams each day,” says Beth Moore, Executive Vice President of the Patient Advocate Foundation.

PAF case managers are on call to answer questions and provide direct assistance to cancer patients facing challenges accessing genomic testing and/or prescribed care based on test results. The Genomic Testing Support CareLine can be accessed toll free at (866) 460-1928 or by visiting genomicsupport.pafcareline.org.

Expanded Assistance Now Available for Cancer Patients Seeking Access to Genomic Testing and Drug Therapies through Patient Advocate Foundation’s Genomic Testing Support CareLine.docx

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