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Update on my mom


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My mom whose suffering from stage 4 NSCLC which has spread to her brain, bones. Shes on O2 concentrator at home. Her one lung has collapsed few weeks ago and the other one was 25 percent affected as well. Doctors said she has 3 to 6 months. Now she was fine few weeks ago.. Although zero activity.. She use to go to the rest room with my help and requires oxygen right after.. But all of sudden her breathing problem increased.. She was struggling with her breathe few days back and was restless.. Even after oxygen machine.. So doctor prescribed anxiety pills to keep her calm and make her sleep.. Her condition is going down.. Now she can barely get out of her bed.. I make her do everything on bed. Shes barely eating..I try to give liquids most of the time.. But she's not interested in eating.. She doesn't feel hungry she said.. What's coming next?? I know I'm gonna lose her one day.. But just want to prepare for what's coming next?? I just don't want her to suffer.. 

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Megha, the best advice I can suggest is what we suggested on your other thread--look into hospice.  They can definitely help keep her comfortable, and relieve you of some of the worry over how to do that.  You can continue to take care of her--they will come to you.  She can be comfortable at home that way.

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