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I was told I have an 11 mm lung nodule


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I was told I have an 11 mm lung nodule in my right lung found on a CAT scan done for my stomach issues, while I was in the hospital. I was told to follow up on it, its been a couple of months and I since have lost insurance, and Texas opted out of medicaid help for most of us we would qualify if Texas didn't opt out of programs.  So, I am in the process of disability already for other reasons and they find this nodule. I don't know what to do? Where to go? I feel it.  I am experiencing a uncomfortable feeling when I breath, ly on my right side, just be...I feel discomfort in my right shoulder blade to mid back on the right side now.   I have read articles, and those don't help set my mind at ease at all. I am concerned about it, its that bothersome. I feel like maybe its grown since then if I am feeling it the last two weeks and not prior.  The articles state if its 10 mm or more that its in the 80 percentile for malignancy. That is scary enough to read that. So any advice where one could go who has no insurance in the DFW area to get this checked on...Will the ER take me again if I come in saying I am concerned about it, usually they want you to go see a specialist and I can't afford that. I can't afford insurance. I have no income right now being that I  am fighting for disability for auto immune health.



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In DFW area, go to Parkland Hospital.  Here is the link.  Notice their mandate.  

As for the articles you are reading, I suggest you read this information about lung cancer. I've read a lot of information about lung cancer and I've never encountered anything that statically correlates tumor size with malignancy.  An 11 mm tumor is something that needs to be checked out but mine was 77 mm long and I'm still here.  I gave you a more detailed response in the General area of the discussion forum. 

Stay the course.


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