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New to this, waiting on diagnosis


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Im definitely scarred. Just waiting on Dr. To call me. It's been almost a weak, since I had my CT. Two years ago my dr. found nodules in both lower lungs and said nothing needed to be done except, watch. Every 6 months have a CT. I didn't do that. There was no way anything bad was going to happen to me. Last week I was told a have a 5" mass in my lower left lung, 2 or 3 in my right and that my lymph nodes were larger. And all these things surrounding my heart. I had my biopsy last week. Don't know nothing. Im so scarred. 

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I know this is a scary time; waiting on results is so nerve-wracking.  Did you doctor give you an idea of when he/she would call? There's no harm in calling his/her office to see if the results are available now.  Please let us know how it goes.  

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I completely agree with Susan.  There is no harm in calling the doctor's office that ordered the biopsy to see if results are available.  Generally, however, doctors want to see you to explain the results of a biopsy because the explanation will naturally evolve into a discussion of treatment possibilities.

Here is an idea.  Check with the doctor's office staff to find out when biopsy results will be available, then schedule an appointment the day after that date.  If the results are late, then call and reschedule the appointment.  That way you have an appointment booked and the doctor will have time to explain the results and discuss treatment alternatives.

Stay the course.


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