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Stage IV squamous NSCLC - no further treatment


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My Dad was diagnosed with NSCLC in Dec 2015.  Surgery was aborted after they discovered the tumor was adjacent to his heart.  He underwent a couple chemo treatments to pull the tumor away from the heart and then a full course of radiation. 

They identified a recurrence in the same lung in July -no other location.  In addition to an infection he started having unending pleural effusion buildup.  They installed a drain at the end of July.  His oncologist told him he should go home and rest - come back in three weeks and they would talk about immunotherapy (no more chemo or radiation).

dad had started to use oxygen after radiation - But low amounts.  This week he began needing high flow oxygen and now oncology says - no further treatment options available - consider hospice. We aren't clear on the specific reason they changed their mind and we are trying to get more answers while we try and figure out how to move forward.  If the cancer is the reason he needs so much oxygen then Dad wants to try and fight the cancer.  But if needing that much oxygen is the reason he can't go for treatment he's stuck.  

I am trying to understand how much time we might have and if there are any options. 




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Hi  Sallie,

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's cancer. I would suggest he get a second opinion. I see you are in Ohio. The National Institute of Health has some designated cancer centers in your state, which might be a place to start  looking . Information is at  www.cancer.gov/research/nci-role/cancer-centers .Others on this forum may have other suggestions about how to find someone.  Best of luck to you both.

Bridget O

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