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Signed up on behalf of my 80 year old father


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Welcome Shabeen!

This is indeed the place to get information on lung cancer.  We are not experts by education but associated with this forum is perhaps the most knowledgable and experienced lung cancer survivors on the planet. So, let's start with a little reading.  Your father is diagnosed with non-small cell adenocarcinoma lung cancer.  Here is some information about this form of lung cancer.  Recent research has uncovered new targeted therapies and immunotherapy treatments for certain forms of adenocarcinoma.  It is important to have your dad's biopsy examined for biomarkers that indicate may indicate suitability for targeted therapies and immunotherapy.  So, that is important information to pass to your dad.

You've told us of his type of lung cancer but do you know your dad's stage of lung cancer?  Here is some information on lung cancer staging.  Staging often dictates types of treatment methods so this is an important piece of information to learn.  You might ask your father if his lung cancer has been staged.

After the diagnosis process is complete, your dad's doctors will design a treatment plan and this information shows there are many options available.  So take some time to look around on this forum.  A good place to start is the NSCLC Discussion Forum.  NSCLC is our abbreviation for non-small cell lung cancer.

Questions?  This is the place.

Stay the course.


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