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New health care legislation was recently introduced in the United States Senate, and if passed, it would roll back major provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

The Graham-Cassidy Bill could have important and negative implications for lung cancer patients, survivors, and their families, including higher costs and reduced access to health care coverage for the sick and low-income. Below are several areas of our concern:

The bill prohibits pre-existing condition provisions; however, it allows states to permit waivers to health plans allowing them to charge different, increased, premiums based on a variety of factors. This could make health insurance unaffordable for lung cancer patients and their families.

States would be able to waive the minimum essential health benefits that health insurance companies are required to provide currently, this includes prescription drug coverage, and could affect lifetime and annual limits on these benefits.

Medicaid expansion and reduced funding for the Medicaid population would be affected under this legislation, which would likely result in less affordable health care for lower-income Americans. 

Experts say there is a chance this legislation could pass, and we need your HELP. Please TAKE ACTION by contacting your Senator TODAY and ask them to vote NO.

Call (844) 257-6227 to directly connect to your Senator’s office.

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