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Have to let go


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Update on Lee: When we started this journey we were told he only had 3-6 weeks to live without chemo. Chemo gave us the time to get all of our ducks in a row. Lee's condition continues to deteriorate on a daily basis. The game plan is to finish chemo. 2 more rounds takes us to the end of October. A ct scan will be done again 7 days after last treatment the 1st week of November. The chemo is holding this beast at bay and once that stops this fast aggressive beast will take over. There is no cure and nothing more to be done. If he gets to weak to go out the door for treatment it will all be stopped.

This is not an easy journey that he is on. I do not wish it on anyone. The hardest thing I will have to do in my life is to let "MY PARTNER IN CRIME" go free.

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Let me add my sorrow to Susan's expression. 

Treatment purchased some time and I know you've used it to Lee's benefit.  Lung cancer is such a despicable disease and I say that with first hand experience once perched on the same cliff as Lee.  Thank you for riding the rough road with Lee and easing his pain and burden.

Stay the course.



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