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Post NED, now what?


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Hi everybody,

I'd appreciate some input from any of you about your experiences post NED.

I had a lobectomy in November of 2016 and was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma Stage 1A, no further treatment required at this time. My 6 month CT showed NED--yay! I'm retired from full time work and I left my most recent part time job when I was having diagnostic work for this cancer.  Since my recovery from surgery, I've had the opportunity to take quite a few short trips.  I'm recently back from the last one. I have nothing new scheduled. I was looking forward to down time to do some long-postponed tasks as well as some fun things (craft projects, time with friends)I've been looking forward to.

But now I'm feeling a little depressed and unmotivated. My spouse suggested that I'm having post-treatment, post-travel blues. This sounds right to me. The question is "now what? " This didn't happen as much with my two previous non-lung cancers, because I was offered part time work as soon as I was recovered from treatment . (for one of these, recovery was pretty long). I really don't want to go back to work now. I love having free time and flexibility. None of the things I've been looking forward to   has the internal momentum of a work schedule or an upcoming trip.THe issue is how to get out of this slump and off my backside. I didn't go through this treatment just to become a couch potato.  I also feel like I'm whining, when in reality I'm grateful for my cancer being detected so early and for being NED.  

Has anybody had a similar experience? Suggestions appreciated!


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Absolutely, positively the slump happened to me.  Here is my RX.  Start your day with this for thirty days.

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: "To live is to suffer; to survive is to find meaning in suffering."  Contemplating those words and recalling the mayhem during the treatment-NED-treatment path suggests that I'm responsible for figuring out life after diagnosis.  If I want to survive, I need to find a meaningful life despite suffering.

There were so many impediments to overcome and considering them all at once was daunting. I learned if I could mentally line them up, and pick them off one-at-a-time, I could make a life. I also learned no one could give my life back.  I needed to rise up and take it back.  How?  My approach started by listening to the song, believing it was possible, and checking off impediments one-at-a-time.  OBTW -- the struggle continues.

Stay the course.



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