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Noisy lung, anybody?


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Hi everybody,

 I had a lower right lobectomy a year ago (adenocarcinoma 1A) . A CT scan in May shoiwed NED and some fluid in the space, which was described as normal. I was told that fluid  will fill in the space where the lobe was and that eventually the remaining lung will expand somewhat into the space .Since my surgery, off and on I've had a sensation  or sound of fluid  in /around my lung when I breathe. In January I had bronchitis and during that the noise was loud enough that it could be heard by others. I think it was not exactly a wheeze but I'm not sure, because I don't have asthma and so haven't had experience with wheezing.  Now it's very slight, more a sensation than a sound and it comes and goes. It.seems like a slight swishing or maybe someting in the bronchial  tube. I  haven't been too concerned because I can breath OK, no problem. Has anybody else had this sensation of fluid as late as a year after surgery?

I have a routine CT set for next month, and I'll talk to my pulmonologist about this then. 

Bridget O

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Glad you will see your pulmonologist soon.

 I remember when I was still in the hospital after my right upper lobectomy .

I remember the nurse listening with a stethoscope to my lungs and she listened to my right upper lobe !  

I questioned her why was she listening there, it was gone !   She said my 2 lobe lobes had expanded and filled the space.

That was within days of surgery.

I will be interested in what your doctor says.

Donna G

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Hi, BridgetO,

Keep us posted on what your pulmonologist says. In the meantime, I'll reach out to some of our members to see if anyone can share their experience with a similar situation.

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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