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After struggling for the last few days my husband finally conceded to go to the ER; he was not a happy camper but he went.  He was admitted today with pneumonia in the left lung.  He was given two different pain meds through IV and for the first time in weeks he was pain free.  Antibiotics by IV were also started hopefully he won't be in the hospital too many days but of course he can not do radiation tomorrow and I don't know what will happen next.  

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From previous description of your husband's problems, the hospital is the best place for him. I can't tell you the number of times illness delayed my treatment. It is a common situation, especially for lung cancer patients. 

More than likely, missed treatments will be made up by extending the length of sessions. Long delays may result in both an extension and perhaps a dose rate change. Oncologists expect delays so don't worry.  Take some time off yourself now that he has hospital staff to care for him. 

Stay the course. 


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Thanks for the replies he has eaten both breakfast, lunch and when I spoke to him a little while ago was wondering where dinner was and he is still pain free-still loopy but a palliative dr. was in today and he was great and on the ball--he started a process of adjusting meds, looking into and finding answers to the questions we had and finding other ways to make him comfortable--I think my hubby is realizing this was the best thing and he loves to be doted on--poor me.  He is getting great care and it puts me at ease too.  He is still having trouble with balance but they fixed that he can't get out of bed without a alarm going off.  There have been all kinds of help coming in to make him feel better- they are taking him tomorrow for his radiation treatment and emphasized that it would only be done if he felt well enough and at any time he could say no.  Even a mental health dr. was in today giving relief by talking about any issue he wanted to and nothing was rushed.  Hopefully he will be home in a few days

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