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Going away for the weekend.

Remembering Dave

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Karen and I are going to Charleston West Virginia for a 50th wedding anniversary for one of Karens favorite Aunt and Uncle. Mary and Bud have been a big support to me through all thier prayers and emails throughout my fight. One of thier daughters, who was like a sister to Karen, died of breast cancer a few years back. She was in her 30's and left 3 children from 2 years old to 4 years old behind. They also had a son who Karen and I had gotten pretty close to commit suicide a little over a year ago. They have had a rough time these past few years but they are devout Catholics and they have found much strength through God. They have 3 more sons and a daughter who will be there this weekend in addition to numerous other relatives. Please pray for a safe trip for us, the weather is supposed to be iffy here but OK in WVA. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Oh, Faith went in this morning to get the pin in her thumb removed and the stitches out. Like always, she was a true blue trooper about it all.

David C

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David & Karen,

Please have a safe trip and lots of fun. Be careful on those roads. My mom was from Weston, WV. Pretty country there, lots of mountains. My grandfather was a diamond cutter. He passed many years ago, in the 60's. It's been that many years since I have been to WV.

Glad to hear Faith is doing good and she finally got the stitches. Little ones are so amazing and resilient. What a little trooper she is...

Look forward to your posts on your good time when you get back. You and your family are in my prayers every day...

Blessing and be safe...


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