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CT of Abdomen


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Hi all,

My mom went in for her 6th dose of Keytruda and Carbo/Alimpta today.  Her doc told her that she will have a scan at the end of the month (this will be her 2nd since starting treatment). If they like what they see, she will not have to do the last 2 chemo doses and will just continue with Keytruda....great news!!!

I have a question that maybe some of you can shed some light on...Her scan will be a CT with contrast - pretty normal for her. They plan to scan her abdomen along with her chest. Her mass is on the back of her trachea. Does anyone know why they would scan her abdomen?  Her labs look good and her PET scan done in July showed no mets. 

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Hi Steff,

When the hospital done my mums CT they said they would check her whole body. At the time I was really nervous however that's when they confirmed it was in her left lung and also her spleen. At that point at least we knew where it was and where it wasn't.

I would think it would be a precaution with your mums scan as they already know where her lung cancer is. 

Sending you and your mum love. Xx

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My guess is they want to look for any bad lymph nodes. Mine had spread to the lymph nodes in my chest, and my recurrence was in a node in my chest. My first CTs were chest and abdomen. I'm now just having chest CTs.

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Why a CT of the abdomen when cancer is in the chest?  It happens to me.  I see my oncologist 2 times per year.  Every other year he orders a CT of abdomen as opposed to the chest.  His rationale -- lung cancer frequently recurs and often presents as a distant metastasis.  So the abdomen scan is to check for a distant metastasis.  

You might even view it as a good sign; that the existing tumors are in check and he is searching for distant metastasis.

Stay the course.


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