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Husband starting clinical trial tomorrow...


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Treatment in Boston, 2.5 hours from home.  He has 12 more appointments there between now and the end of the year.  Found out we qualified for very discounted hotel, 2 miles from the hospital, so we're staying over since he has to have labs the next day.  Also discovered we can get free parking and a grocery gift card...thankful for the small wins...which aren't small really...

His belly issue is slowly improving and the pain in his chest is finally subsiding over a month since the stent was placed...we feel more calm and positive today than usual...it's nice.

So...wish him luck...3rd time's the charm. :) 

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Thanks for the update.  I'm happy you were able to find discounted accommodations in Boston, thus avoiding a very lengthy and frustrating commute.  Keep us appraised of how your husband's treatment progresses and don't hesitate to ask questions.

Stay the course.


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