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Sepsis, UTI, confusion


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I haven't checked in in a while.  However, we have a new problem and I need answers...so, I'm back.  My 75 yr old father was diagnosed with stage 3 nsclc last year.  He did chemo/radiation, break, chemo, and is now 6 months post treatment...however, he is now in the hospital AGAIN with an infection.  Last month he was diagnosed with a UTI that was in his blood stream.  Now, he is back and in ICU and incubated because they can't determine the cause of his "new" (according to doctor/hospitalist 🙄) infection.  They suspect blood clot and have done multiple, multiple tests.  Has anyone had the site of the tumor to become infected with dead the dead tissue?  This was mentioned as a potential side effect months ago and I haven't found out from the doctors if they've checked...Thanks everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.

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I have no info about infection caused by dead tumor tissue. I do know that confusion (delirium) can be caused by UTIs, especially in older people.  Hang in there; I hope you get some useful information soon from the doctors.

Bridget O

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