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Cell type of my dad


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Today met the oncologist, he said my dad's cancerous cell type is SCLC.

For this moment, they will not start the second-line chemo now as the response will be most likely not good. In addition, because craniotomy was done around 1 month ago, so that it is not good to start the second-line chemo now. They will have the regular meeting with my Dad to monitor his status. 3 weeks later we will go back to him.

I agree with this decision as the interval between the completion of initial treatment and now, is not long enough to get response from receiving 2nd line chemo by now. So I wish the 2nd line chemo could be done later say while the disease spreads to other areas. As the cancer now is only confined in right lung + 1 hilar lymph node, so I don't want him to receive the 2nd line chemo right now for it would affect the quality of life without positive response. Chest radiation is not an option as he had the radiation previously that he (his lung) cannot bear anymore. The oncologist said when later the symptoms of other mets occurs, they will start the 2nd line chemo. Is it making sense?

Basically the brain tumor was completely and successfully removed. They arranged my dad have the next brain MRI on April. No follow-up radiation is arranged as he had the PCI already that follow-up radiation is not an option. Oncologist said, what if his brain tumor relapses later, they will do the spot radiation.

The oncologist said, if we want my dad to try any clincial drugs, then we have to go to private oncologist for help as the guidebook of government hospital will not allow to try any drugs that still in clinical trial. So, we will seek second opinion from private oncologist next week and see what new maintenance drugs are available & worth for a try to maintain his disease.

Now we only hope the disease is stable and not spreading to other areas, we hope we could find some drug to help stabilizing the disease from private oncologist, we hope the "Yunzhi + Qigong" helps as well.

I need your prayers.

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