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Debra Wiley

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Hello, I'm Debra and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer with plural infusion resulting in terminal cancer. I was diagnosed a year and 4 months ago which is a miracle because they expected me to survive less than 6 months unless the chemo responded. This cancer has very prognosis and my health status prior to my diagnosis is fairly poor.  I also have a serious digestive disease that required the removal of my colon, rectum, anus and part of my small intestine. 

I had decided not to do any research or join any discussion boards on cancer because of the enormous amount of research I had done on my digestive disease.  I know one thing everyone needs to connect with others who are living with similar diseases. I also want to spread awareness about the anticancer method that no one tells you.  Why? because the medical industry doesn't profit from this information.



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I'm sorry about your iillbess and prognosis. None of us knows how long we have to live, so I aim to live the best I can each day. My lung cancer was Stage 1 and diagnosed last year. In 201 I had a rare and advanced gynecologic cancer with a "dismal prognosis" (quoting my medical oncologist). I had extensive and at times difficult treament and have no evidence of disease almost 7 years later. For the first couple of years I thought I wouldn' t live long, but I proved myself and my doctor wrong!

I wish you all the best today

Bridget O

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Hi Debra,

I am glad you found us!  There are several other Stage 4 survivors that I am sure you will hear from soon.  My mom has had a pleural effusion since her lobectomy in 2015.  She's had to have it drain a few times and we have figured out if it gets worse, it's usually a sign that something else is going on.  Have you had any troubling side effects of the pleural effusion or had trouble managing it?

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