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Caregiver robann


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Hi Robann an welcome.

I don't know the answer to that. I suggest she ask her oncologist or oncology pharmacist. Or, if she doesn't want to do that, she can go to the Ketruda website, Ketruda.com. They have nurses available for patient support.

Best wishes to you and your partner. Be sure to take care of yourself, too!

Bridget O

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Hi Robin,

My mom is receiving Keytruda as well - she's on her 7th dose, along with chemo.  Although my mom's oncologist did not specifically say that it is okay or not okay to drink with immunotherapy, her response to my mom having a margarita before a Jimmy Buffet concert was - you can have a margarita.  Although it may be best to abstain from stuff that can affect our immune system and overall health, we also have a life to live. And if that life includes wine on occasion,  I say live life!  But, I tend to agree with Bridget, either ask the oncologist or contact the Keytruda folks to see the "official" recommendation. 

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