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Lobectomy,nerve pain


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Just had a Lobectomy 3 weeks ago. I have lot of nerve pain in the area under my left breast around to the incision of where the lobe was taken out. I take Gapetentin. It helps some.  Dr. doesn't know how how long it will last. At times especially at night and when I get up in the morning. Anyone else have this nerve pain? I had the Da Vinci Robotic lung surgery.

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Hi M.J.

Sorry to hear about your nerve pain.  My mom has it as well and her lobectomy was in 2015.  It comes and goes.  Although the pain has gotten ALOT better, it does bother her from time to time.  The pain also radiates around to her shoulder blade...my mom was sure she had a bone met there, but her doc explained that there are nerve endings there related to the lung and the pain is not uncommon to have.  Her most painful times are at night and when she first wakes up, as well.  It's likely to remain for some time, if not forever.  Gabapentin is probably one of your best bets for nerve pain (I am told). If you are new to taking it, you probably are on a relatively low dose, but they do have different doses and my mom has learned to take it in different ways (different times, different amounts - she has the option to take up to 3 pills at a time, and she sometimes alternates gabapentin and ibuprofen,) to help alleviate pain the best - she has been taking it for many years for back pain.  The best advice I can give is if you have pain, continue to take it.  It takes a few doses for it to begin working at optimum and if you stop taking it you have to start from scratch.  Since your surgery is relatively recent, I am sure that the pain level you are currently feeling will slowly begin to lessen.  I think it took my mom about 6 weeks for it to lessen.  If it gets worse and stays bad, be sure to tell your doc.

Take care, 


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HI MJ and welcome here,

I''m also sorry to hear about your nerve pain. I had a lobectomy a year ago and fortunately have had little pain after they took the chest drain out and no pain now. So I don't have any experience that could help. Steff's advice sounds good to me.

All the best to you,

Bridget O

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