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Just for Fun Grand Re-Opening!!!


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One of my favorite movie quotes is "Isn't FUN the best thing to have?" -an intoxicated Dudley Moore in the movie Arthur

I try to have as much FUN as possible, my motto is work hard and play harder.

The idea of the Just for FUN thread in the Lungevity forums has always excited me. So when Lungevity staff asked what thread I would like to moderate, I thought that it would be FUN to revitalize it and have some FUN!!

Since the thread declined in it's regular postings, I thought it deserved to have a "GRAND REOPENING".  The event is set for January 8th. 

So, what do ya say - wanna have a bit of FUN???  C'mon, try it!!!

The plan is to post something new every week. Something that we all can participate in - a silly question, joke of the day, show-and-tell, etc.  The idea is to just have FUN for a few seconds or minutes to take our mind off of all that we have going on in our lives.

I will start the "FUN" on January 8th.  If anyone would like to jump in and be the FUN ambassador for the day/week/month/etc, it would be fabulous!!!  And although I like to have FUN, I'm not always that creative, so any recommendations or thoughts you may have to make this thread as FUN as possible, I would really appreciate it!!



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