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Mike Monaco

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I understand you wanting to have a PET scan and soon. I would want that also. I would just like to add that a biopsy will not only serve the purpose of nailing down whether or not it's cancer, but also tell them specifically what kind. They need to know this in order to know how to best treat it. 

Judy M. 

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20 hours ago, Tom Galli said:

Any physician can order a PET scan. I’d see my general practice doc and have one ordered. Having said that, insurance could complicate the problem. PET scans are expensive and insurance often balks at allowing.  Make sure your insurance will cover the test before contacting your doctor.  An interventional pulmonologist generally performs bronchoscope procedures.  These allow doctors to both see and sample a nodule without surgery or needle biopsy.  Perhaps that is what your pulmonologist had in mind.  

Cancer is the domain of a medical oncologist. You might consider finding one and let the oncologist lead your diagnosis. 

Stay the course. 


Thank you Tom for the clarification, now I understand that better.   I got lucky today.  Had an appt with a radiosurgery oncologist,  this guy has a radio program weekly which I usually listen to while in the car, he comes across as a very helpful doctor on his program and in reality he is very much so.  He called my insurance company and got authorization for both a Chest CT and a PET scan, so now just have to find another facility to have them done and i am set.  I a really terrified in what we may find on these, but it has to be done in order to  move forward.  I am checking online for a medical oncologist as you recommended, though I am not contemplating Chem due to it's side effects, he may be needed for drugs such as Opdivo and the like.  Whatever it takes will be my notto for this fight.  Thank you. 

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17 hours ago, David Sevey said:


I understand what you are feeling and going through.  I have been living it.  The hardest part is the wait, some of the appointments and phone calls were days and weeks and that was far worse than anything.  I have had countless CT scans and only a few PET scans all due to insurance.  I was told that usually, insurance does not cover the PET scan unless the CT was unclear or not conclusive.  On my treatment team due to Stage 4 adenocarcinoma "hopefully I spelled that right"  non-small cell lung cancer I have my GP, Lung Doc, Palliative Care, Radiation Doc, and Oncologist.  It's a crazy journey and I am happy to share any experience I have had or just be a sounding board, whatever you need to help we are all here.  

Keep positive, Keep asking questions.




Hi David,

Thank you very much for the offer, I usually do not take up these types of offers since I am not the ttype to intrude on people time, since you obvioulsy have your plate full also, but   in this circumstance, I will,  and I also make the same offer to you too, anytime you need a sounding board, I can be there.  I am very good at researching suff, especially medical.  Since I also have an autoimmune disease I know Pubmed like the back of my hand, I can find just about anything you need in the medical field, so please do not hesitate to take me up on this offer.  this also goes for anyone who happens to read this, I am always ready to help anyone on the forum, it can be good medicine  too since I am pretty much alone  on this journey.  Thanks again. 

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