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Has anyone heard from DeannaM?


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Hi guys, thanks so much for thinking of me. I hope you all know you've always remained in my prayers. I've lurked alot but always felt bad posting about us when I haven't posted to anyone else's stuff. :oops:

My mom is still hanging in there. Starting back in September, she had 4 rounds of topetecan that didn't show any improvement. :cry: Then they switched her to CPT-11. She's taking that now. She will have scans in around 3 weeks that will tell if it's doing any good. The topetecan really knocked her out, it made her very sick and she lost a lot of weight. She's so thin now (98 pounds, 5'9"). The CPT-11 seems to be better on her body but it still takes a lot out of her. I guess a year's worth of treatments will do that to you. :( I rented her a wheelchair recently so she can get out more often. She wasn't leaving the house at all the past few months and I think it was bad on her emotionally and physcially. So the chair has been a great help. Just last week we got out to the movies and to Target. It made a big difference in her mood last week. It's so hard to watch her deteoriate though. :cry: You can really see such a difference in her from the summer to now. She's really gone downhill. :cry: I will try and not be so MIA in the future. Please forgive me guys. :oops: My heart has been breaking for all of you who've had losses recently. And some so young. :cry: It's just so unfair. :(

Thanks again for thinking of us.


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I was so glad to see your picture again as well! I was wondering myself. I lurk as well and am not very good about responding. From what everyone says, though, don't ever feel bad about posting due to an absence. We're all just interested. That's what has been said, so I'm going with it. :lol: Good to hear from you again.

God bless,


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Thank you for letting us know how your mom is doing. It sounds as if you have your hands and heart really full right now, so no feeling guilty about not posting and responding to others! I'll be saying extra prayers for you. Take care of yourself and enjoy to the max any bright moments that come your way.

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Glad to hear from you, Deanna, and am so sorry that your Mother is not doing well. It is so very hard to watch our loved ones not doing well.

I really think it is important for all of us to get our phone numbers to Ry or a Ry partner if she wants one.

Even though we have never met, we all care so much about each other and worry when one goes missing for awhile.


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DeannaM., I was also glad to see your post! I think about you and your mom from time to time, as my mom has a met to the pancreas as well. I wish your mom was responding to treatment as well as my mom has.

My mom is going to get radiation to her 2 original sites. It's unusual, but maybe you could ask the dr. if it's possible for your mom.

Hope you have plenty of good days ahead.

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Hey Deanna,

Please don't be a stranger! We understand if you don't post to others. I have thought of you so often. I'm so sorry to hear that your Mom is not feeling well but it is good that she is getting out. I will continue to pray for her. Please let us know how things are. We have missed you!


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