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It's been a rough few days


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Superbowl Sunday was supposed to be a fun day. Maybe for some, I started feel pretty terrible and ended up with a fever of 102.2. My husband took me to the Emergency Room at MDA. My fever had gone up to 102.5 by the time we got there and my heart rate was 175. (Normal is about 80)

My white blood cells were almost non-existent .14 due to the chemo. I've been through this before, when I was on Carbo/Taxol. Now I'm on Taxotere and ZD-6474. The good news is that they found no pneumonia or other infection and believe it was just a case of neutropenic fever. They hooked me up with IV antibiotics, and fluids (I was also dehydrated) and I had a low magnesium level so they gave me more of that. They released me around 1:00 am.

I'm starting to feel a little better today. I am scheduled for chemo #5 next Wednesday and I'm worried that my counts won't be up by then.

I'm still feeling very weak and tired. Hoping for a better weekend this weekend.


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I, too, have had a very tough time in regard to Taxotere and wbc. Mine have been as low as .6 (round 1) . This last time (round 2) they had me administer Neupogen right after (4 shots) and I registered 1.3 on Monday, so they had me take 3 more shots and be re-tested.. yesterday I was at 16.8 - way higher than the upper end of the normal range (4-11)

I am feeling achy all over (probably from the very fast production of wbc's)... my lungs feeling a heavy as well......

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