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Feeling so overwhelmed


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Hey fellow warriors

Although I'm not used to share my problems (I prefer to help others), but I've been feeling really overwhelmed and alone and this seems like a good place to vent a bit.

Recently, I've signed up my mom for a clinical trial. While it looked promising at first, the bills started piling up and we got to the point, where we couldn't pay any more. So they cut it off, thanks to that great healthcare we have, ugh. My little paychecks can't support this, so I'm very eager to find alternatives.

Before, I was exploring alternatives out of curiosity. But now, it's a must. As I've said in one of my previous posts over here, my exploration involved Budwig (not as good as some would think), imunotherapy, some oils, probiotics, Zamanto (much better and cheaper, trying now; fingers crossed), and some other treatments. 

Although I feel like my mom's misery would consume me, I'm not ready to give up hope. For her sake. I have to fight on to save her. So, if you have any thoughts or experience with the above (or other) treatments, please do share, ok? 

Of course, I'll share the results with the above treatments, if they'll help.

Thanks a bunch!

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