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New here, not new to Lung cancer


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Hi everyone!

My name is Leah, 37 year old daughter of not one, but two parents diagnosed with lung cancer.


First, my mother. Diagnosed 7 years ago with small cell lung cancer, accidently found super early. Biopsy didn't even confirm cancer, so the surgeon removed her 2-3 cm tumor (LRL) anyway. Biopsy then confirmed SCLC. She followed up surgery with chemo (4 rounds cisplatin/etopocide) and pci.


My dad, was diagnosed  two years later (almost to the exact date of my mother) with stage 3b squamous cell. He had a large 12cm mass in his URL. He was terribly sick for a month before diagnosis, and we almost lost him before we could even know what was going on... but, he got better and He went through chemo/rad, then the tumor shrunk enough for surgery. He was in remission for 2 years, before a new 1-2cm mass was found on his left lung. The dr removed that as well. All was well for 1 year, when his cancer then returned but this time in Both lungs. Another large  mass hiding behind scar tissue showed up on his latest scan, in the same area of his right lung, along with another small mass in his left lung. This time, a lymph node involvement. His new mass in his right lung is causing pain/nerve damage on his right side, with pain also radiating down his arm. The tumor is also kind of visable under his skin/collarbone. Radiation is not an option at this point, he had previous radiation to this area.

He starts opdivo soon (hopefully in a week or two) and is also participating in a clinical trial at dana farber (NEO-PV-01) a custom cancer vaccine to be used with opdivo.. This clinical trial takes 12-16 weeks to make/prepare. it also requires some testing/procedures before he can start his opdivo. Another biopsy to obtain a piece of the tumor to study it's dna, and a procedure called Leukapheresis. . So that's where we are at!


Thanks for listening, take care, Leah.


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Wow, Leah, you have become an expert on lung cancer!  The circumstances that made you become one are unfortunate. About your mother, yay for our best friend NED. I'm sorry about  what your father is going through.

This forum is a good place to find information and support. Please let us know how we can support you..

Bridget O


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Welcome here!

You are most fortunate your dad is receiving state-of-art treatment at a top notch place.  I truly hope his treatments control or stop his lung cancer.

Because of the unique treatment your dad is receiving, it would be most helpful to our community if you could tell us how he is progressing.  I look forward to future posts and wish the best possible outcome for your father.

Stay the course.


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Welcome, Leah!  

Yeah, I think a lot of us will be very interested to hear about your Dad's trial.  These new treatments are so exciting and encouraging.  Keep us posted!

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I will for sure keep everyone updated on this clinical trail! We look forward to participating for many reasons, including with hopes to finding a new way to treat those who come after us!

He should be receiving his 1st vaccines at the week 12 point of opdivio


Thanks everyone! 

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