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NSCLC- Metastasis Question


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My father was recently diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. The PET scan showed a small mass in his abdominal area, in addition to the cancerous tumor on his lung. They are unable to biopsy the abdominal mass due to my father’s heavy weight. They are also concerned with a biopsy as it is surrounded by several major organs, and the mass is relatively small. His oncologist will monitor the abdominal mass for growth (along with his lung tumor) with another PET scan 3 months after his radiation treatment. My father’s oncologist and radiation oncologist have both said that lung cancer does not typically metastasis to the lower abdominal area. However, they are not ruling it out until they see the results of his 3 month PET scan follow up. Have you or any of your family members/ friends experienced lung cancer metastasis in other areas of the body outside of bones, brain, liver, adrenal glands and lymph nodes- particularly the lower abdominal area?

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After my initial diagnosis, a PET scan showed a nodule on my thyroid.  Super Doc said it's very rare for lung cancer to go to the thyroid.  I went to an ENT who told me the same thing.  Apparently I'm rare because I did have lung cancer in my thyroid.  All that to say: lung cancer has a mind of its own and, while it is unlikely it will spread to certain areas, it's a possibility.  In my opinion, it should be checked.  

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