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Finally my husband has made a decision and has chosen Keytruda; I am more scared than he is.  We go tomorrow for a cancer "talk" with the team and bloodwork.  Tuesday he has his first treatment.

The oncologist we have is upfront with everything telling us all the pros and cons and that each person reacts to the treatment differently.  I am so hoping for a easy outcome he is still in pain and that hasn't even been under control yet.  We did get good news from the latest ct scan that the tumor and nodule have both diminished in size.

So this week I am going to be on edge watching for side effects; the doctor is concerned about both his lungs and kidneys but my husband is willing to take the chance

BTW we had a different palliative care Dr. last week and I was not impressed and do not wish to see him again.  His bedside matter was awful.  We felt rushed and he asked my husband if he knew how long he had and my husband responded 1-2yrs and the Dr. responded back "well that's pushing it a bit isn't it".  We were both were so shocked we couldn't even respond and this was the day we were going to the hospital for his son having the breathing tube removed.  I mentioned this to the Dr. and he said " I'm sorry to hear and I better let you go"  that was it.  I know these Dr's work with this type of thing day after day but a little compassion would have been nice at a time like that.

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Physician bed-side manner, indeed.  I've known physicians who've been diagnosed with lung cancer and their attitude changes quickly.

I'm excited about Keytruda and the reported shrinkage in his last scan.  I look forward to hearing good news soon.

Stay the course.


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Your palliative care doctor sucks!  I wouldn't see him again either. Can you ask the oncologist for a referral to someone else?  How would you feel about telling the oncologist how insensitively the doctor treated you and your husband . Maybe it would make it less likely that others would go to this guy. It's bad enough having cancer. Having to deal with jerks makes it  worse.

Bridget O

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I'm so sorry that you had such an awful experience! I'm very disappointed in that palliative care doctor and hope that you get someone more professional and compassionate next time. Please continue to keep us posted!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager

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