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Newbie - question on large hilar node in particular


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Not sure if I am in the right place or not.   I joined, and then it said to introduce ourselves, but I couldn't seem to find the place to do it.  

I'm actually a caregiver of my mom.   Non Small Cell Lung cancer - stage three.    I don't see it as a responsibility to care for my mom, but rather a true privilege.   She is an amazing woman.                     

My mom has always been very healthy - although suffered a stroke 5 years ago, and through determination and prayer, overcame that.  

She is not a smoker - has never smoked.  Neither did my father.  And no alcohol either.  

We do not understand where this disease has come from.  

We've been overwhelmed with the entire process.    I had been working in Nigeria bringing a new medical breakthrough technology to the country, working primarily with medical professionals.  During my visit back home, I noticed mom had developed a cough that wouldn't go away.  I insisted on an Xray.  They said it showed something - set up an appointment with the family doctor.  Who ordered an MRI.    When he received the results, he highly suspected lung cancer and sent us to a surgeon.  Who set up a biopsy.  First biopsy was inconclusive.  Wait a few more weeks.  Second biopsy was conclusive for NSCL cancer - we were told it was stage 3.   He scheduled a PET scan and a few other tests.  

In Canada, you wait a long time for things.  

Meanwhile - having a strong belief in natural health, I determined we would take the time waiting, to first - pray and ask for God's help, and then to do everything we could, with the knowledge we had, and then give it to the Lord in prayer, believing for His best.  

This started in June  and to date we have not had any conventional treatments.   the PET scan was now in October.   We are still doing investigations, because none of the doctors believe the biopsies of her nodes - they think there is cancer there.  And surgery is not an option if cancer is there.  

From the time of the first MRI until the first biopsy was a period of 3 weeks.  

We were told at the biopsy by the doctor performing the biopsy that the tumor was aggressive and had significantly grown in that three weeks.  

We changed her diet to all organic - everything, and added in some supplements along with the technology that I had been working with in Nigeria.    It focuses on glutathione and boosts glutathione levels in the cell and boosts immune system function by 300%.  

Then I learned about Sq 1 - has anyone here ever heard of Sq 1 or chrisbeatcancer.com ?      It says all vegan - fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds - anything that grows.   But no dairy, meat, fish, eggs.  While we had been doing all organic, I had not taken it to that extreme.   I ordered the course.   And removed all dairy, meat, fish, eggs and chicken.  

Being part of the Facebook group and part of the chats, while waiting for the course, I learned about the importance of juicing - and we began juicing and drinking 64 ounces of carrot juice and veggie juice per day.   Juicing did not start until November 1 - after I got the DVDS and watched the trainings and then ordered the juicer.  

From the time of her first biopsy until the Pet Scan October 26th  was 8 weeks - no significant tumor growth.  Hurray!   

Tumor measurement on the PET scan was 2.8 X 4.1 cm

I believe what we are doing is working.  Three weeks of not doing anything - tumor grew significantly.   8 weeks of following Sq 1, juicing and supplements - no growth.  

So, they sent us to Toronto last week (6 hour drive) for another CT scan and to meet with the surgical team there.   NOT a pleasant experience.  

I kept asking the doctor what the measurement of the tumor was.  She wouldn't tell me.  She said it was irrelevant.  That it didn't matter what the tumor was doing, it would not change the plan of care for my mom.   Interestingly enough she could tell me the measurements of the affected nodes.  But wouldn't tell me the measurement of the actual tumor?   Finally, I  said, "Look, it is important to me.  It may not be to you, but it is to me".    She shrugged and said the written report would not be out for about one week.   

I was able to download the report on Friday - and am now wondering if she didn't want to tell me the tumor measurement.   

The tumor has actually shrank by 50%!    It is now 2.1 X 2.2 cm down from 2.8 X 4.1  on October 26th.   

My mom is a strong believer in prayer and has had several experiences spiritually since she was diagnosed with cancer.  I do believe that God heals.  Sometimes he does it supernaturally.   Other times it is a process.    We are thankful to God for his healing touch upon my mom's life and body.    I believe healing happens, when body, soul and mind all come together.  Head and heart and body, in unity with God.  

We still have a couple of other tests scheduled - trying to get to the bottom of what is going on in her lymph nodes.   Personally, I believe that the nodes are just simply doing what they are supposed to be doing, which is why they are enlarged and why they lit up on the PET scan.  

May I ask if anyone else here has had significantly large nodes, that lit up on the PET scan, but were not cancer?    

Also, I am hoping to not have to go the conventional route at all - but I am not sure what kind of tests to ask for to monitor progress.    Anyone from Canada able to shed some light on that as well?   

Thank you in advance.   



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