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Hello everybody haven't been here for awhile. As I mentioned my husband last scan in Nov for small cell shows he is in remission. This January he was very tired for 2 weeks we assumed it was side effects from chemo and Radation.we would go out to eat and he would practically fall asleep at table. Then one night he said he was up all night feeling he couldn' breath right he did not wake me up! In the morning I took him to er and he wound up being there for 12 days .he wound up with a depliberator / pacemaker.his heart pumps only 30% plus he has heart disease. He has been home recovering now for one week and this seems like it a slow process.poor guy he just got over treatments and started to be happy about his scan; and this set him back. We go for his next scan for his cancer sometime in February and I'm praying he is still in remission.plus I go for my next scan in March. As a care taker and a Survivor of lung cancer only a year I sometimes worry with all this stress  that I worry about cancer coming back on me and him.when do you stop worrying? I am staying the course but there' always back in your mind a dooms day. Which deep down inside makes me very unhappy.as much as I try to live each day to my fullest there is this feeling of fear. Well thanks for listening. God bless everybody. 

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Good to hear from you again Michele. 

Glad to hear the good news of successful cancer treatment. The emerging heat disease is not however good news. 

Husband and wife back-to-back scans is a new development. I do hope both show NED. And, indeed....

Stay the course. 


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