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Poorly differentiated non-cell carcinoma


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I’ve been reading everything I can find on the LUNGevity website. The pathologist report shows the pulmonary nodule was classified as “poorly differentiated non-small cell carcinoma.”  The nodule is (3.7x2.8.2.7 cm) I’m reading this is the most aggressive but doesn’t say a lot more. Im hoping someone has information or experience with this.  

I wish the doctors office was open however I still would have to wait for an answer. I was doing ok until I read that and now a little nervous. 

Thanks for any information. 


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Ok, so we are dealing with the term differentiated as concerns a nodule.  Here is the National Cancer Institute definition of differentiation.

The portion of the definition of interest to you is "well differentiated cancer cells look more like normal cells and tend to grow and spread more slowly than poorly differentiated ... cells." So the nodule cells don't look like normal cells.  I'm not sure one could say that poorly differentiated cells are the most aggressive spreading cancer.  All metastatic cancer (cancer capable of spreading) can spread.  My subtype, Squamous cell was said to be slow growing but went from undiscovered in an x-ray to a 3 inch long tumor blocking the main stem bronchus in my right lung in a month.  

One should always be concerned with metastatic cancer.  I don't think the pathologist report indicates you have the most aggressive form of cancer, just that the cells are capable of spreading.

I hope this helps.

Stay the course.


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