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Hi all,

     I hope this post finds everyone doing well.

      My dad finished his first treatment yesterday. He first had radiation treatmentment followed by Taxol and carboplatin. He did well, but last night was unable to sleep at all. Has anyone experienced this? Not sure whether this is a side effect or maybe just nerves.

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I bet I know what is going on.  I had daily radiation and weekly Taxol and Carboplatin therapy also.  I had to take pill form of steroids 18, 12 and 6 hours before my Taxol and Carboplatin infusion.  Then, the first bag infused was more steroids.  All these steroids made me experience what we call "roid rage".  Two well recognized symptoms of roid rage are sleeplessness and intense hunger.  So it is likely a side effect and thankfully short lived.  I only experienced one sleepless night after each of my 18 Taxol and Carboplatin infusions.

But, if sleeplessness continues, there might be something else going on.  So consult with his doctor if the symptom continues.  Else, prepare some good reading, puzzles or a good video series to binge watch next infusion evening.

Stay the course.


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Tom, Susan, & Steff

  Thanks for responding.  It’s good to know others have experienced this, not that I am glad you lost sleep, but it is better to have a common problem than a really weird uncommon problem.😊 

  Appreciated as always


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