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What's Your Cancer Slogan?


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HI all, 

I got another great suggestion for a new FUN topic - if you were to design a t-shirt, what slogan would you put on it?  Bridget had the funny idea of "Lung Cancer: been there, done that, got the t-shirt" and my personal favorite is by Susan - "My Oncologist Does My Hair". 

So, what's your cancer slogan?  What funny/odd/interesting lung cancer reference have you picked up along the way?

This is my personal favorite - 


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I have also been pinning funny quotes like the one at the top.

However, my favorite thing in the world is shopping, so on Etsy, Ive been slowly ordering leather and metal bracelets to wear on appointment and treatment days with quotes of mantras that I was collecting...


Look forward to what can be


There is no light without dark


Mend and Begin Again

When You Must, You Can

I am Strong and the Best is Yet to Come

Happiness is a Choice

No one is you and that is your superpower

Be Brave


May the Force be With You

You are Stronger Than You Know

Be a Warrior

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My friends ordered bracelets to wear saying "Pooh on cancer". This started when I met my surgeon and he said he was removing top right lobe. My friend, who was with me at M D Anderson and has had cancer, was so excited. Me.....I needed time to adjust. We began calling her "Tigger" and me "Eeyore". So, "POOH ON CANCER"!

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