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To John


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Boy are you on top of things, my friend. I am applauding your dedication to L/C research, medically, scientifically and alternatively AND your dedication to this board! BIG HUGS John. Thank you for being here.

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Have to add my kudos and thanks before zooming off down the road. When I asked about archiving old posts and information, I wanted to be sure that messages would be "searchable", primarily because I keep thinking that at some point I might need to access some of your researches. :D Blessings on you. :D:D You are one of the people Dave G. references when he talks about those who continue to support us even when their own loved ones have succumbed to this yuck. We appreciate you so much and benefit from your intelligence and diligence.

Take good care of that neato family and "see" you in about a month!



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You know - I was never a really competitive person growing up. But this cancer thing has really just pissed the hell out of me and at some point it aint gonna win no more!

Tiny have a fun safe drive to the mid-west and enjoy the wedding!!!

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Hi John...I wondered what motivated you.Your putting your anger to such good use...You sure helped me out with all the info you sent me last week...My dad is going to see his onc tomorrowand I will tell him of all the alternative therapy there is for him... If he doesnt agree then I think its time to find someone who will.. I will let you know.. You need to know how your generous worked payed off....Thanks again..cathy

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Hi Cathy,

It is such an awful disease. If I can help a tiny bit, it is worth it. My mom would want me to help. Anyway, since they archived the "general" topic I did not see this the post below.

Same thing happened to my mom. They thought she was stage I. Nothing on the PET scan. The PET is only about 85-90% accurate.

When they did the tests on the lymph nodes, some came back positive.

Unfortunately, this is common since there is no test currently that is 100%. Not sure if a medianoscopy is better or not. Though this is surgery also, so maybe there is no benefit.

University of Mighigan has a great reputation. Don't know anything about PF.

Take care.


John...thank you so much for all your help...here is my dads story..diagnosed oct.2002... had a lower lobectomy nov.02....onc said had they known he was 3ab they would have done chemo and radiation first... I'm thinking because there were no mets they didnt know he was as advanced until they opened him up... I'm really not sure what the mixup was back then....Had I known then what I know now there would have been a lot more questions asked.He started radiation in Jan. everything was going along good, then four weeeks into it he had extreme shortness of breath..The radiologist assured him he was ok...well he couldnt take it any more and decided to walk out on his radiologist and treatments...Thank God he did...his pulmologist said it was good that he did that because his lungs were extremely inflamed...he developed radiation pneumonoits, which in turn developed into interstitial lung disease(pulmonary fibrosis) because of this he cannot receive chemo.. he is on oxygen 24/7 and 60 milligrams of predizone. So what I'm looking for is something that wont affect him physically because he is very week... I did check out the links that you sent me...there were 2 that seemed he is a candidate for.. I think I will have to talk in person to someone to let them know about his PF to see if he is eligble....I think definately we need to go elsewhere ....I am thinkiing of University of Michigan for the PF and cancer...What do you think........God Bless You for all your help....cathy

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John, you know I appreciate you and right now I am at the point of looking into complementary therapies so you have been a great help since I don't really have that much energy right now and how's that for one long sentence. Thanks

Jenny G.

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