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I've seen a lot of change in my life.  TV -- 3 broadcast channels to hundreds of cable and satellite channels to streaming watch on demand. Music -- from a 9 volt AM transistor radio to thousands of songs on my smart phone.  Telephone -- from 5 families sharing a "party line" to a video chat with my granddaughter.  I could go on and on.  But most significant to me are the advances in treating lung cancer discovered and fielded in the last 14 years.  My diagnosis was a near death sentence.  Today, there are so many more options with effective treatments for the newly diagnosed.

This Forbes article does a wonderful job of explaining the remarkable advances in treatments that are available for those newly diagnosed with lung cancer.  Once our most effective and reliable treatment, hope, is slowing giving way to methods that provide significant life after diagnosis.  Spread the word... and....

Stay the course.


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Great article, Tom.  Thank you for sharing.  I recently started using the hashtag #ThisIsStageIV.  People hear stage IV and start planning funerals.  With some exceptions, I'm back to where I was pre-diagnosis.  This article is exactly why I ignore stats.  Hope you have a great day!

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Yup--I'm hoping I'll never have to test any of those wondrous treatments, personally, but it's very reassuring even at my stage to know they are there if I ever should need them.  I lost a dear friend to lung cancer about 12 years ago or so--I'm sure that even in the time since there have been huge advances.  Thanks for sharing the article--spreading hope is always a worthwhile effort.

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