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Dedentric cell therapy for non small cell lung cancer


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My wife was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer Jan 2017. Since then she has underdone chemo therapy (EGFR negative, Alk Negative) for 4 cycles and 2 maintenance cycles. Due to adverse impact on Kidney, maintenance cycle is stopped since Oct 2018 to allow kidney to recover. Kidney did not recovery fully and she is on dialysis once a week. Doctor has ruled out further chemo sessions and has recommended Immunotherapy.

I wanted to check if there are any other effective therapies. I came across Dendritic cell therapy. This is not as expensive as Immunotherapy, but i dont know the effectiveness in NSCLC.

Has anyone used this therapy? is this effective for NSCLC?

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Hi Vinod. 

Welcome here. I'm sorry to hear about your wife's cancer and the problems she's had with treatment. I haven't heard of dendritic cell therapy.  Posting this as a topic was a good idea. I hope some other participants in the forum will have some information for you. Best wishes to you and your wife. Hang in there!

Bridget O

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There are a lot of research papers on dendritic elks and lung cancer research (consult Dr. Google), but noting I read suggests an approved treatment, at least by our FDA. 

Stay the course. 


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