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Brain mets and confusion


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My husband has finished radiation for brain mets a week ago but yesterday and today he has had a couple of very serious bouts of confusion. Today we were driving in the car and he opened the door while I was going 45 mph and said he had to do it because it would lock the door properly. He seems perfectly normal for a long time but every once in a while he does something like this. Anyone have any similar experience? The docs were very certain that the radiation would work.

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I am assuming you are thinking it is the mets that caused his actions from your last 3 sentences, however, from the reading I've done about brain radiation, there can be some thought processing side effects for quite a while just due to the treatment.

I teach middle school and have a student who fought brain cancer all last year. His radiation was completed in June, but he still has processing issues. Bless his heart, he doesn't want to have any work modified to ease his stressload. It takes him at least 3 times longer to copy notes, write answers on tests, etc. I finally worked out a deal with him to swing by my room at the end of the day to get notes or books to take home because he'd be almost in tears by the end of the period, fearing he wouldn't catch up to everyone else. He has one of the highest grades in my class though; it just takes him longer to get his thoughts down. He really amazes and inspires me.

Anyway, maybe you were going much slower at the time your husband thought to open the door. It's possible he just couldn't get the action 'played out' as quickly as he would have before the radiation. Then, all of a sudden, there you are going 45 mph and he is opening doors at an odd moment.

I certainly hope and pray you get good news soon on the treatment being a big success.

God bless you both~

Karen M.

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I guess this happen bcoz of the brain mets, my dad had abnormal behaviour and he was confused with things while the brain mets was there. He had difficulities about analytical mind, his thinking & conceptual ability was affected. No matter how we described things to him, he didn't easily understand what we were talking. he was confused and his mentality and personality were changed bcoz of the brain mets.

But after craniotomy, he is now becoming normal. Actually, the symptoms of brain mets and what areas are being affected are quite depending on the location of brain mets. As you know, different area of our human brain is responsible for different function. You could do some research of the human brain function. My dad's brain tumor was located at the right occiptal lobe that his vision was affected and etc......

Actually, where is the brain mets now? Did the doctor pretty sure all brain mets were handled??? I don't know and you should ask the doctor whether he is still being infected even after brain radiation. My dad is not yet affected NOW and he doesn't have any abnormalities in behaviour etc.

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My husband had 14 whole brain radiation treatments in November 2002.

He had never completely gotten his memory or concentration back. But I guess it is a small price to pay for not brain mets, I hope anyway.

Hope your car has driver control over door locks.


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