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Hi everyone,

I found a lovely website that focuses entirely on helping people through the grieving process. It is at www.journeyofhearts.org and uses the butterfly in an appropriate symbolic way as well as the phoenix. There are many ideas, quotes, and poems that I thought validated what those of us who have lost a loved one go through.

Here is a quote from one of the pages on healing and loss:

It isn't for the moment you are struck

that you need courage,

but for the long up hill battle to faith,

sanity and security.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

It reminded me of some comments my mother-in-law has said recently and I think echoed many feelings I've read about on the boards.

I fly to Minnesota on Sunday to assist with my 92 year old grandmother's funeral arrangements, and I had gone back to that site to find a poem I wanted to give to my mom and my aunt. Bless Grandma's heart, she was given just days last Saturday and she has been hanging on longer than anyone expected. The hospice folks say now that it will be only about 24 hours though. In a way I am happy for her. Her body just wasn't able take her busy giving spirit everywhere she wanted to go. Losing someone her age is easier than losing my father-in-law because I know she lived a good long life and all of her friends have already gone before her. I feel at peace with thinking "it is her time" and I know she will be "home" with Jesus soon. I keep wondering if she'll meet any people who she helped make quilts for over the last 40+ years. I swear she must've made enough quilts to blanket a small country.

I will leave with one last message and picture her saying it with a half scowl and grin...

"Uff da!" :wink:

Bless you all,

Karen M.

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