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Good news, maybe?... Maybe not?


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Hi all,

 As always I hope this post finds everyone well.

My dad is in his 5th week radiation/chemo treatment. Today his radiation Dr. said that the lymph node that is affected at the collarbone has shrunk to where he can hardly feel it. Is this any indication of how it is affecting the 3 centimeter mass on the top lobe of the lung on the opposite side. The cancer is all the same( metastasis squamous cell carcinoma)? He is so sick. It would be nice to think that it is working. I know none of you are doctors, but in your personal experience has your treatments affected your cancer and lymph nodes equally well?

Thanks for any input given



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Yes!  In first line treatment, radiation is the more powerful component of the radiation-chemo pairing. So if his lymph node is being fried, the mass in the lung is likely also affected. 

Let’s hope his post treatment scan shows no evidence of disease (NED).

Stay the course. 


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Thanks Tom,

I wanted to be incouraged, but wasn’t sure if that was anything to be excited about. The oncologist said he was going to set up cat scan as soon as treatment is over and he will talk result the end of April.

My finger are crossed for NED.

Thanks again,


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Thanks for posting an update, Lisa! We'll be thinking of you and your dad. Please continue to post updates and feel free to ask questions.

We are here for you!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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