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Carboplatin and Altima chemo


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I had lung VATS (video assisted thoracic surgery) February 16, 2018, at M D Anderson, Houston. I returned to Houston yesterday to meet my new oncologist and a follow up with my surgeon. The top right lobe was removed and 13 lymph nodes- 4 had cancer. Pathology report- T2, N2, M0-- Stage IIIa NSC, adenocarcinoma. My incisions are healing nicely. The neuropathic pain is being handled by garbopentin, and salon pas (lidocaine) patches as needed, along with extra strength tylenol as needed. 

Both my oncologist and surgeon said all cancer removed. They do not see any cancer. However, in case miniscule amounts of cancer remain, they recommend chemo.  Carboplatin and Altima- 3 hour sessions, every 3 weeks, for 4 sessions.  The chemo can be done by my oncologist near my home.

However, I am to return to M D Anderson in two weeks to meet with radiologist to do baseline tests....confirming with the oncologist that there is no need for radiation. I am a little upset that this wasn't done as part of the testing yesterday.

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Hi, Laurel.  I'm glad to hear your recovery is going well.  Do you have to travel far to get to MD Anderson?  I'm surprised the radiation consult wasn't handled while you were there.  I presume you've made it clear to the various scheduling clerks that you have to travel and to schedule accordingly.  My mom occasionally has that battle; she's in Lufkin but comes to the med center a couple of times a year.

I'm not sure how much info you've been given on the chemo drugs you'll receive, so you may want to check out www.chemocare.com




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Thank you Susan. I was scheduled to return Monday to see radiologist. I explained it's a 3 1/2 hour drive each way....often overnight hotel stays. I asked that they combine radiologist appointment with oncologist appointment. Now in two weeks I have radiologist on Tuesday at 1 and oncologist the next day at 4:30...two nights at hotel. Yes, the radiologist should have been added to my appointment Wednesday.

I don't know much about chemo plan. I do see my local oncologist next week. I will check out website you noted.

Thanks again.

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