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Where to buy Vitamin C IV

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I need to find out where can i buy Vitamin C Intravenous use in US. We need for our grandmother who was diagnosed with Cancer. Our doctor recommended 20grams Vitamin C IV daily.

Do you know any supplier? 

What is the price of it and how to do it?


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I wouldn't know of a source for intravenous vitamin C.  Perhaps the doctor that suggested it has a supplier.  I did however find a couple of articles about the effectiveness of vitamin C in treating cancer.  Note the last bullet of the National Institute of Health Bulletin here. The fact that the FDA has not approved vitamin C as treatment drug would make it difficult to find in conventional pharmacies.  Here is the Mayo Clinic's view of vitamin C as a cancer treatment drug.

Stay the course.


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Thank you for your response...
We finally found a doctor who recommended us Intravenous Vitamin C from PharmaLife Laboratories.
Our grandmother started this treatment 6 months ago and the positive effects have already started to appear.
I wish you all the best!

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